First Steps with Cydia Jailbreak Store

While the App Store might provide all the apps users seek, the jailbreak alternative is far more used for downloading and installing the best apps and tweaks. Cydia download store is the place where people go and search for various Cydia apps and tweaks, apps that normally cost a lot of money on Apple’s App Store.

For this reason, most people choose to start jailbreak on their devices as soon as possible. Jailbreaking is another matter, which requires some alternative research. Basically, is the process through which users remove all security boundaries and limitations, and they are able to make use of their iOS devices at their maximum capacity.

cydiaAfter jailbreak, each and every iOS-running device might be enhanced and improved by downloading some of the best and useful Cydia apps. Now, in what concerns Cydia download Store, this amazing third-party jailbreak store will come right after the jailbreak process is completed. Cydia is a reliable part of jailbreaking and only through jailbreak you can have Cydia installed on your device.

Now, once you see the Cydia icon on your home screen, feel free to tap it and launch the platform. At the first use of this jailbreak store, you will be required to provide some information.

Launching Cydia for the First Time

When you first launch Cydia, you will not be able to access the complete app. The app will reveal a gray screen with a loading wheel stating “Initializing Filesystem”. Normally, this takes a couple of minutes. Just wait for Cydia to complete this process. When this ends, Cydia download Store will quit automatically and restart your springboard.

Next, Cydia will ask you to identify what kind of users you are. Unless you want to upload your own Cydia apps, you should choose the “User” option. This will ensure that Cydia will display only the basic Cydia tweaks and apps.

Click Here to Download and Install Cydia

Once in a while, as well as the first time when you open Cydia, you might see a popup window asking you to Upgrade Packages. Just tap on Complete Upgrade to update some of Cydia’s components. Next, Confirm on the top right in order to begin the update. Wait a couple of minutes as Cydia downloads and installs the upgrades, and press on the Restart Springboard button.

Navigating Through Cydia Download Store

At the first use, you may see a small button on the home screen called “Make my life easier”. This option will allow you to save SHSH blobs from your device so that you will always be able to jailbreak again if you update your device or you lose the current jailbreak status. Now, in order to better understand Cydia download store, let me just present you some of the options you get with this amazing jailbreak app store.

The first tab, the Home tab, displays some of the most important and downloaded Cydia apps, tweaks, and themes. In the same time, there, you can find some useful links, tips, and guides regarding the jailbreak status.

cydia sectionsSecond, in the Sections tab, you can find all those apps displayed in Categories as you see on Apple’s App Store in the “Categories” tab. This section is useful when you want to download a particular app, but you do not know the name.

Changes tab displays the newest apps in a chronological list. This will also reveal the latest updates to any of your installed apps, as well as new added Cydia apps and tweaks.

Cydia’s Manage tab brings you the possibility to access 3 main buttons: Packages, Sources, and Storage. The first one contains all of your currently installed packages and it will allow you to uninstall any app you want. The second section brings the sources for each app. Besides the default Cydia repos, you can easily add new ones, and this is the place where you need to be. As far as the last button is concerned, this simply displays the available space on your device.

In the last part, the Search box allows you to quickly find certain Cydia apps that you want to install. Just type down the name and then click on the desired application. This will trigger the installation process.

Cydia download store can turn out to be quite useful especially for those of you who want to enhance and improve their devices. Sometimes, here you can find some useful Cydia apps and tweaks, apps that might not be found within Apple’s App Store. In the same time, most of the Cydia apps and tweaks you find on this third-party app store are free of charge. You get to download some great apps, tweaks, games, themes, and extensions completely free.

If you are interested in getting Cydia Download Store on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, just press the Install button from bellow. This will grant you a different experience from what you were used to from the Apple’s app store.


How to Use AppAddict to Install Cracked Apps and Tweaks

AppAddict is regarded as one of the best alternatives for Installous and Hackulous. When we are no longer able to use the famous Installous alternative, we focus on finding certain other possibilities. AppAddict is one of the best alternatives we have at this moment, which can offer u plenty of interesting cracked apps and tweaks, completely free of charge.

The current method in which you can install cracked apps is through any third-party apps and programs that allow a jailbreak device to run cracked apps. Therefore, you need to have a jailbroken device in order to download AppAddict on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In the same time, you also need a proper internet connection and AppSync installed on your device.

AppAddict for Cracked apps (more…)


Features and Options for vShare Alternative

When you do not want to spend your money on purchasing various apps in the App Store, we have the possibility to install some Installous alternatives which can easily help you get all those great apps free of charge. Unfortunately, Installous has stopped working, and now, people need to focus on multiple other alternatives. In this case, we can download vShare and install it on our devices in order to access a variety of new apps and tweaks for free.

With vShare, things are a little bit different than from your usual Installous alternative. In fact, it is a Cydia tweak as much similar to Installous as it can be, but as expected, there are a couple of functionalities and features which make vShare quite interesting and popular among all jailbreakers out there.

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How to Use AppTrackr To Install Paid Apps

The iPhone is already one of the best smartphones of the world, according to the millions of users; however, the million of apps available for it may not be enough for some people. In this respect, I want to show you the way in which you can download and install cracked apps without having to pay for them.

Until this time, we had Installous to provide us with great amazing opportunities and possibilities. Unfortunately, Installous has stopped working, and people all over the world tried to find various alternatives that can give them the same benefits. This is what I am going to show you right now: a method in which you can download unlimited apps and tweaks completely free of charge. If Installous was people’s first choice, now, we can get all those great apps by using AppTrackr.

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Unlock In-App Purchases with iFunBox

As you know, after you perform the iFunbox download you can install various third-party and Apple apps free of charge. Taking the place of Installous, iFunBox is regarded as a reliable source for all those jailbreak users who want to get cracked apps free of charge. However, some of you might encounter various problems with the installation process. Within our page, you can find various tutorials and guides which can help you install and use iFunBox on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Here, I want to show you how you can unlock in-App purchases with the help of iFunBox. There are several different methods of hacking games, and some of them are actually pretty simple. In fact, some of them are designed for beginners with no technical background. However, now, I want to show you the easiest method you can use to hack with the help of iFunBox.
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How to Download Cracked Apps using AppCake

AppCake has proven to be a reliable alternative for the famous Installous. With the help of this amazing application, users are able to download and install cracked apps free of charge on their jailbroken devices. With AppCake, users will have the possibility to get the best games completely free, no trials, no demos, just the full game, without paying for it. However, as expected, some were actually very skeptical regarding this topic, but, until you do not use it, you will not know what it can offer.

In what concerns the installation process, let me tell you that the whole procedure is actually pretty simple and easy. As long as you follow our tutorial on how to download AppCake on Phone, iPad and iPod Touch, you will be just fine. Afterwards, everything is simple and easy.

Download AppCake for Cracked Apps and Games

Before going to the matter itself, let me just tell you how this amazing app really works. Well, it downloads the games from the sites on your device and then, it installs them quickly, without using a computer. In the same time, you get the possibility to install third-party or App Store apps completely free, by following the same method.

I also want to mention the fact that some users have complained about various errors which appear when installing various apps. However, this depends on the generation of your device and on the memory available. Apparently, these problems are now solved and you are free to download any apps you want without encountering any problem whatsoever.

Download Cracked Games Using AppCake

In order to begin the download process, you need a couple of things. As expected, you will need to have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, a working internet connection as well as AppSync installed on your device.

  1. Launch Cydia from your device and click on Manage, following by Sources.
  2. Edit Sources and add the following repo address: //
  3. Click Add Anyway when Cydia presents you with a warning and click on Install and Confirm.
  4. At this point, the source would be downloaded. When done, click on Return to Cydia.
  5. Navigate to Sources in order to see the AppCake source. Here, you will be able to see all apps available, the ones that you already installed and new ones that are waiting for you.

You can search for any app you want by using the Search option, or you can simply browse through its homepage. Anytime you want, just click on the app icon and start using AppCake to download any app, tweak or game you want for your jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Keep in mind that this guide is only for educational purposes only. You should download cracked apps only to see how they behave on your computer, and then to purchase the official apps. AppCake can be used to get the latest games available on App Store, or even on Cydia jailbreak Store, or any other third-party apps and tweaks.



Cydia iOS 7 Tweaks for Improving Sound on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Along with the release of iOS 7, as expected, developers tried to find a way in which they could jailbreak it. This method was soon introduced, and millions of devices were soon jailbroken. However, this required new apps and tweaks, as well as to update the old ones. Fortunately, developers take their job very serious and they released a couple of interesting Cydia tweaks and apps in order to enhance our iOS experience.

Here, I want to show you three iOS 7 Cydia tweaks that will give you more options and better features for managing the sound on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In this respect, you will be able to boost your iOS 7 sound experience while fixing a couple of annoying problems. I am sure that once you will try them on, you will be able to see the difference.

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